Your Democratic Party

          This is my first children's book, Illustrated by Jason Thornsberry, and released June 2014; however, this book is designed for adults and not children. This book is available in paperback and ebook formats, but at this book is only available at Amazon for now.
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          Why did I write this book? I have sat here watching the news and heard the media and the Democrats saying things like "The Republicans are the party of slavery." and "The Democrats are responsible for blacks getting the right to vote." and "The Republicans want to bring back the Jim Crowe Laws." It was then that I realized a whole lot of Democrats and the media have apparently never taken a U.S. history class. I decided I needed to write a book that told the true history of the Democratic Party.
          Why did I write this book as a children's book? I have debated politics many times and if you have ever tried to debate politics, you would know that debating politics always seems to degrade to a second grade level; therefore, I decided to start there using a medium they can understand.
          Some might complain about the contents of this book; however, everything in this book is true. Interestingly, when I approach anyone in the Democratic Party about things covered in this book, I always get "that's the old Democratic Party" as if anything has really changed. Tired of arguing with your Liberal friends? Buy this book and give it to them. Tell them to read and to learn. After all, it's a children's book, so it's not brain surgery.

The more the Democratic Party changes, the more it remains the same.