Amazing Adventures - An Anthology

          Releasing in August 2014, Amazing Adventures Anthology is a collection of short stories compiled by Joel Mark Harris. Beyond bringing 13 great authors together in 12 great short stories, 1 great illustrator, this collection is also an attempt to revive the memory of pulp fiction. Included is my very first short story.
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Short Stories by Order
1) The Letterhead Affair - Glenn Muller

2) They Say Heaven is Paved with Gold - Thomas D. Taylor

3) Mettle on Metal- Ava Jordanna Easterby

4) All the Sleepy Dancers Gone - Elyse Bruce

5) Pound of Flesh - Stanley S. Thornton

6) Fallen - Allison M. Cosgrove

7) Intruders - Jack and Cyndi Williams Barnier

8) The Bust - Quint J. Hooper

9) The Mannor - William Storke

10) Cry for Help - Juliet B Madison

11) Follow the White Stripes - Jorge Avalos

12) The Horseman - Joel Mark Harris



Ava Easterby with Nikki Mason

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